Thursday, September 25, 2014

A New Beginning

I have decided to take up writing again, a love I had placed to the side allowing other distractions to drowned out this love. This will be my journal I suppose. A way to express what's going on in my head, heart, and world.

The biggest change to my life since I last posted:

A little over two years ago, I entered into a new and very serious relationship. It has been one that has involved passion and abhorrence; elation and sorrow; strength and pain. Although the emotional connection fluctuates to extremes, I am committed! I am now a runner!! This fact will most assuredly permeate the pages of this blog in the days, months, and years to come.

I also still homeschool (only 2 now), still have 4 children and a dog, and I still am part of a great book club and love to read novels. With the newest addition of running, I'm a bit busy. The thing is...I still LOVE to express myself through writing. This time, I will not obsess with grammar! I don't care if my commas are placed correctly, or I always capitalize all proper nouns, or I accidentally type 'affect' when it should be 'effect'. I DON'T CARE!!! Actually, I really do. This has been my problem, but I shall not obsess.

I think blogs are so popular now because people want their voices heard, and they enjoy the pleasure of connecting with other voices sharing the same values, opinions, politics, or passions they hold. So I will officially state - if you don't believe there is something in this universe bigger then all of us (God), you may not like this blog; if you hate running and hearing about living a healthy life style, you may not like this blog; if you do not believe that the USA (as our forefathers fashioned) is still the greatest nation in the world, you may not like this blog; if you think reading novels is an utter waste of time, you my not like this blog. There's more then the above, just jotting down some high points on what may be on my mind. That's what I will write about.