Sunday, April 4, 2010

Temporary Home

A few days ago I was driving and a song was playing on my iphone. Carrie Underwood's voice came through the speakers and 'Temporary Home' filled the van. It's a beautiful song about how we are just passing through this life on our way to our final destination. The last verses of the song sent a memory that flooded my thoughts and brought many tears to my eyes. The lyrics painted a picture of an elderly gentleman's last days on this earth, "old man, hospital bed; the room is filled with people he loves..." That same day I decided to write this mini tribute for my grandmother. This Godly, hard working, strong woman walked on this earth for almost eighty-eight years, and one of her last days here is forever in my remembrance...

Helen Ruth Olson lay on a hospital bed of Libertyville Manor. Her eyes were closed and her bed was reclined in a slightly upright position. Six people that loved her were gathered with heavy hearts and thoughts that this may be the end of a beautiful life. We held her hand, told her how much she meant to us with tear filled eyes. Did she know we were there? We did not know. Could she hear us? We spoke as if she could. We decided to sing classic hymns that she knew and loved. Was she listening? When we sang, 'How Great Thou Art' an amazing thing occurred. When the chorus came she sat up in her bed, her eyes looked toward the heavens. She weakly sang out the words, 'How Great Thou Art.' I truly believe she was beholding His glory and witnessing firsthand how great He truly was. That was the last time I heard my grandmothers voice. She left this place for a better one the next day.

Grandmother I love you and miss you! You are walking on streets of gold and singing, 'How Great Thou Art' in a choir, and beholding His face with your own eyes!